We say it a lot, readers make leaders. Of course we want our kids to be […]
This Sunday, March 19th we officially begin our morning service, after 5 years of meeting in […]
This is a simple explanation and an encouragement to join our fast for lent, if you […]
Brothers, whether you got resolutions or not the Devil definitely has a plan. Here’s a Screwtape […]
Here is the discussion guide for tonight’s final book study! Chapter 18 Filled with the Spirit […]
For the next few months, we will be studying the Gospel of John as a Church […]
Around Epiphany, we love to say that “readers make leaders” but there is also a huge […]
Questions of how (immerse, spring, pour, which will not be address in this article), and when […]
I recently came back from a long week away from my family to meet with the […]
For our midweek services we have been studying Wayne Grudem’s book “Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every […]