The purpose of Theology on Tap.

To create a relaxed space to take in the deeper questions of life, morality, God and more without fear of judgment.   Seekers, strugglers, devout, whatever, you are welcome.

We are looking to restart Theology on Tap in the Fall of 2023 for the first time since the pandemic!

The first half of the night we just eat, drink and catch up and the second half we have a moderated discussion on the ‘big issues’ of life (such as science, morality, anger, suffering and more).

This is NOT a lecture, and it is NOT a Christian service (no prayers, no Bible readings etc…)   The win for us is to get to know each other over some cold drinks and talk about real issues with a group of folks coming from a variety of backgrounds, some religious others who aren’t.

Appetizers are always on us.