When Jesus called His followers sheep He wasn’t complimenting them! Yes, we can be stubborn, foolish, and wander, which is why we need help. God has placed ‘undershepherds’ in our lives, those who care about us and check in on us and call us to live for God. Our prayer is that nobody would feel shame in our community, as God’s arms are wide open to all, no matter what. However, we do believe that God wants to work in us and leave none of us the same, as we experience His new life at work in us.

Shepherding Groups meet once a month and are a place where you can be knownloved, and supported in your life. It’s also where you will be challenged, and checked in on. Ultimately here is where you can carry the burdens and share in the joys of your Church family, over a monthly meal at one of our church leader’s home. Basically, Shepherding Groups are a place where you can actually live out the vows you made at your baptism and when you joined the Church. This is also the place where we receive communion once a month at Epiphany, a time to reconcile with anyone we may need to, repent of our sins and rededicate ourselves to God.

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