This Sunday, March 19th we officially begin our morning service, after 5 years of meeting in the evening! We thank God for all He’s done in those 5 years to establish and mature us as a church. And, as hard as change can be for all of us, I’m super excited about what this change will mean for us as a church.

Here are 5 ways that I’m thankful for the move to a morning service.

5. Time Available to Be Ready For the Week 

How nice will it be to feel like you have your Sunday free? It will be so helpful to get ready for work. If you have kids in school this really takes the pressure off.

4. Time Available After the Service

For so long, with so little time left in the evening, the pressure was on to get home, eat dinner, and get ready for the week. But now, we don’t have to rush out the door. We can linger together in the Spirit’s work among us. We can throw a meal in the crockpot in the morning, and have someone over for lunch after Church. We can go out to lunch together. A morning service really allows for new opportunities for fellowship on Sunday that we’ve never had.

3. Easier for Our Neighbors to Join 

And just think, if an evening service has had these limitations that we’ve overcome together, how many folks haven’t been able to join in our worship for these very reasons. A morning service is going to make our gathering so much more approachable to those who are looking to push in.

2 Easier for Our Volunteers

In addition to moving our service to the morning, we’re also planning to keep our service shorter. This will take pressure off our children’s, and service volunteers. But also, Lord Willing, we’ll see an influx of new members, and new volunteers.

1. Another Step of Maturity and Stewardship

So often we think we’re ready for so much then we’re really capable of. Thankfully, God doesn’t always give us what we want. He keeps us to the side, while He quietly works in us to mature us, prepare us, and grow our capacity. These 5 years God has done just that. As a Church we’ve grown in so many ways, that I think allows us to steward our new morning service well.

Church, would you join me in giving thanks to God for these new blessings? But more importantly, would you join me in stewarding these new opportunities God has given us?



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