Here is the discussion guide for tonight’s final book study!

Chapter 18 Filled with the Spirit in Luke

“look up every instant and read it in context, and make a list..” Page 161

Jack Deere constantly grounds us in the word, but by does this approach feel unique even among this who take God’s word so seriously?

Talking about John the Baptist meeting Jesus, “how in the world could a baby still in the womb recognize another baby..” Page 164

What is the connection between being filled with the Spirit and “beholding the son of God.”

Who is ‘filled with the Holy Spirit” 

Chapter 19 Filled with the Spirit in Acts

How did the people’s acts get filled with the Holy Spirit? Page 176

What happened to those people? 

What do you think of the last line of the chapter “I had been giving the key to evangelism, but it would be years before I found out that the key was the filling of the Holy Spirit. Page 177

Chapter 20 Full of the Spirit.

Let’s look at Acts 11:24

Jack says “everyone who is full of the Spirit in Acts, the apostles, Stephen, Philip, Barnabas – as been given power to reach the lost.” Page 188

Can you share times when you have experienced a fullness of the Spirit, where you saw Jesus, with Joy and were able to effectively share your faith and see someone come to God?

Chapter 21 Physical Manifestations

What does Jack mean by physical manifestations?

Jack says “Genuine Physical Manifestations May Appear Chaotic, but They Are Apart of God’s Work in Restoring Order” Page 190 But how? (Page 191)

What marks a genuine work of the Spirit, vs religious ‘HYPE?’

Chapter 22 Abuses

Why is the example of Samson so helpful and so relevant today?

What happens when we divorce the works and gifts of the Spirit with the fruit of the Spirit?

Chapter 23 The Gift of Teaching

“When my main focus is obedience, I am least obedient. When my main focus is enjoying God, I am most obedient” Page 205

What does He mean here? Do you think this is true /why?

Chapter 24 Cultivating the Spiritual Gifts

“The gifts of the Spirit are not an afterthought to spice up our meetings, They are the tools for building the Lord’s house” Page 222

What are the four ways the gifts are given? Pages 224-25

How do we learn to use our gifts effectively?

How would this work with healing, tongues, and prophecy? 

Why does Jack encourage gifts primarily to be practiced in Home Groups?

Our vision to actually do more to train ministry teams at Epiphany.

Chapter 25 Enteral Rewards

What did you get out of this chapter? Why do you think this teaching is often missing?

Chapter 26 Hearing the voice of God.

How is hearing God’s voice connected to healing and prophecy?



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