Around Epiphany, we love to say that “readers make leaders” but there is also a huge role for podcasts, which can be a great way for someone to get exposed to new ideas, and stay encouraged. My whole encouragement to our up-and-coming leaders is to read books that make you feel dumb. I think it’s important to intentionally push yourself. Maybe this will help push you! Of course, if you didn’t know, our Church has two podcasts of our own. No Ordinary Challenge on private worship and our weekly Sermons.

Here are some of the Podcasts that have been stretching me in great ways recently. (All links go to spotify but you can find them on any major podcast platform.)

The Remnant Radio is a busy podcast you’ll never be able to keep up with. They interview theologians and pastors from different traditions and get into some great deep conversations. They have an especially good weekly program on everything related to spiritual gifts, if you are hungry to learn more about speaking in tounges, prophecy, miracles, and healing this is a great resource.

Where else are you going to find crazy stories on urban ministry alongside a deep and lived-out reflection on the Heidelberg confession? Pastor Rudy Rubio church planter of Reformed Church of LA has been an inspiration to me, and I have yet to see any other podcast like it that really get’s into the reality of ministry in a hard place. If you’re looking for an example of solid and active ministry reaching Latinos, coming from a deeply reformed perspective you need to check out the Hood Grace podcast.

Truth Unites with Gavin Ortlund is also a great podcast, from a brother in the same denomination as us. This is a really good podcast for those who have real questions about the maze that is all the different Christian traditions and yet wants to see this handle in a way that isn’t just a reflection of well-developed thought, but also a well-developed, gracious Christian tone, and character. It is so important that we really live out the well-known saying “In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity.” from Rupertus Meldenius. I don’t know anybody that does this better than Gavin.

1517 is the year Luther nailed the 95 theses on Wittenberg’s door kicking off the protestant reformation. This ministry actually has a number of incredible podcasts from 40 minutes a day in the Old Testament, to 30 minutes a day in the New Testament, to a podcast on a different Hebrew word every day. If you want something gospel-centered, biblically rich, and historically rooted, this Lutheran ministry has a podcast that will absolutely bless you deeply.

One of our generation’s greatest preachers has a podcast on preaching. If you want to know learn how to preach you need to listen! Don’t miss The On Preaching Podcast. Nothing more I can really say!



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