Study Group 2 – July 31st


I have prepared study questions from chapters 9-17 to help guide our discussion.  Since we are in the middle of camp, we will have a shorter but focused and sweet time, and we have extra food, so we don’t have to order any food.  

“What was Calvins basic argument for ‘cessationalism’ (Chapter 9)

“Most of BB Warfield’s problem with miracles is the claims of groups he didn’t agree with their doctrine, what’s the problem with this?”

How can such careful theologians fight battles so well against secularism, and yet adopt so much of it in their own way of thinking? (Chapter 11)

At the end of this chapter Jack shares about his experience with an Angel.  Why do you think he did that?

Whats wrong with the teaching that miracles authenticate the Bible / sound teaching?

What is the number one sign of an apostle (hint it’s not miracles.)

How do we put together God’s heart, and His healing power, with not only the reality of suffering, but the calling of God for us to suffer?

In Chapter 12 Deere writes “If miracles were beneficial to the first century why would they not also benefit the Church int he twenty first century? Edgar maintains that after Christianity had become a recognized group with some reputation it no longer needed the power of miracles. Who would trade the miraculous power of God for worldly reputation?”

What do you think about that statement?

What are the reasons God heals? (Look in Chapter 13

Have any of these reasons changed since the first century?

How could it help to memorizes these reasons by heart?

Let’s read Chapter 14 on unbelief.. I believe it is so important for us to get what he is saying here.

In Chapter 15 Jack says “Everyone who finds joy in praying for the sick will see their faith for healing grow the more they pray for the hurting.”

He also dismisses that healing comes from psychological certainty it is always a gift from God.  

What have you learned about Jack’s whole approach to praying for healing?

Let’s look at Chapter 16 on “demonized, not possessed.”

What does that main for us, and for those who come for prayer?

What false beliefs do you think you’ve had to come out of about demons?

We did a midweek services on ‘footholds of the devil” what are the common demonic inroads? (found in Chapter 17

Why do you think these are inroads for the devil?

How do we fight back against the devil in our life and how do we help those who are being influenced, and tormented by demons?

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