Meals Outreach

We were glad to join with around 60 churches in the region to bless 6,000 families locally with an Eastern Dinner and 1,500 families in South Sudan with water filters all year long.  In Gloucester we provided about 140 local families meals, visiting most of them in their homes offering prayers and love.

This is not a one off oppertunity but a part of the life of our church linking us to dozens of others all year long.  It took incredible effort, and thousands of volunteer hours to raise the $100,000 for the project this year.  We also will be following up with local families in need all year through the connections we made. We look forward to partnering again next year with the Easter Outreach.

If you are interested in assisting Pastor Joe with the ministry if home visitations, please email him here.

For all who have helped us bless the community.  Thank you!